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The hotel is located in the heart of the peninsula of Punta del Este..

Coming from the West (Airport, Montevideo)
It is reached by the path to the Rambla Claudio interbalnearia Williman. Then it follows naturally from the Rambla de Artigas Beltway to 23rd Street. Then for this one block to 20th Street and take in the direction of flow, as out of the peninsula.

Access from the East (Chuy)
The land access from Brazil via the border crossing leading Chuy on Route N ° 9 to Route 104 before the town of San Carlos. Proceed via Route No. 10 west through La Barra, undulating bridge and taking the Rambla Lorenzo Batlle to the 24th Street access of the peninsula. On the street 21 is taken as the circulation until 20th Street.


The Hotel 

Address:  20th Street No. 742 between 23th and 25th Street

Phone: 440301 – 440309-445079


H : Bonne Etoile Hotel
1 : Craft Fair
2 : Telecomunications  / ANTEL
3 : School Lafone
4 : El Emir Beach
5 : Virgen de la Candelaria
6 : Walk Mailhos
7 : Post Office
8 : Port Offices


Punta Shopping – 2 km.
Casino Conrad – 1,5 km.
Circuito histórico de Maldonado – 10 km.

By being located in the peninsula of Punta del Este, the hotel is surrounded by attractions turístico.Para know in detail the spots in this area see La Península  in our Tour section.